A Thing Of Beauty

Beauty is skin deep they say. This is very true. Why do we differentiate between white skin, brown skin and black etc when inside of the body is just the same. God made every human being the same. The change in color of skin is due to the effect of the environment on our skin pigments and hormones. All of us know these facts but we are so much deluded that we go after the external appearance of the people and judge them accordingly.

Can we call ourselves hypocrites for that is exactly what we are?. When we refer to beauty, we often refer to the beauty of nature. In humans we talk of beauty of the character and not the exterior. When you say that an individual is beautiful person we are referring to the persona and not the external beauty. At the same time man pursues the external beauty too. Times immemorial man has glorified beautiful women.

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful?. Ask any man or woman and you will find that every individual wants to look beautiful. From as long as the humans have been living in settlements, we have pursued various means and methods to enhance our beauty. Invention of mirror was perhaps the most significant item that paved way for the glorification of physical beauty.

It is not surprising that we have multimillion dollar industry that is thriving on beauty and fitness industry. If you think that beauty treatments are limited to women, you will be surprised to know that it is not true. Men too have become accustomed to grooming themselves with the help of professional assistance. As many as there are beauty parlors for women there are similar and more numbers of salons and spas for men too. In the category of beauty products, creams, and lotions as well as other beautification products, men are not lagging behind. There are as many men as women thronging the clinic for botox treatment. The number of men who opt for waxing and bleaching is as high as in the case of women. If women are bothered about the wrinkles on their face, men are worried about growing bald.

If you believe that women are sensitive about their figure and physical looks, men are sensitive about their baldness, their physique as well as their libido. Male andropause always brings with it huge psychological implications for the male as it impairs their sexual drive. Reduction in the loss of male hormone causes loss of muscle mass, baldness as well as loss of sexual drive. Most men are unable to accept that andorpause is a natural aging process and go hyper about their loss of libido. If you check out the statistics you will find that the highest number of buyers of Viagra come from the middle aged men who are going through or have just gone through andropause.

In conclusion shall we say that we live in delusion?. We all know that the external beauty and the physical body is temporary and the only thing that is permanent is the fact that it will change. Despite all the understanding we continue to seek external beauty in men and women. Beauty is but an illusion and a delusion. We are happy to fall prey to it.